Expert Views: What to do After 10th Class, Which stream to choose after 10th Standard

By | September 14, 2020

what to do after 10th standard

What to do After 10th: Moving in right direction is always important whatever you do either you are working or studying. But when you are studying in the secondary level education it becomes more important to take correct decisions in your studies. Your decisions decides you coming future which is the life changing decision. The decision you take should not be taken under the influence of the parents or any relative or any friend. The decision you take should purely belong to you and that is the most important aspect of the decision making where most of us lag behind.

Most of us while taking this crucial decision either under the pressure of the parents we choose the stream that our parents decide for us. Or we simply follow our friend who might be going in any other field. This can prove very dangerous for your future. So in this presentation we have basically tried to solve your this famous mystery which is the cause of many failure.

What to do After 10th Standard, which stream to choose after 10th

Decision making depends on the mental state and this is why the students can not control their mental state and their decisions prove harmful. The students when they reach in 10th Standard till the time they do not know what to do after 10th or they are not so aware about the future planning. So it is important for the teachers and the parents to motivate them to develop their interest or find that key thing that they are best and can do best in their future. Don’t make them fear about the future studies but make them think themselves; you just have to give them guidance.

Here are the different streams and what a person can do after choosing the stream. It is true that we cannot bind the job opportunities or future scope in one page but we have tried to cover a lot.

Career After 10th Pass, Options you can choose after 10th:

Now Question is What to do After 10th, When you clear 10th Standard or you have passed 10th class you can simply do the following things

1. Engineering Diploma (3 Years)

    • Contractor (Civil/ Electrical)
    • Degree Engineering (BE)
    • Associate Membership of Institution of Engineering (AMIE) / Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (IETE)
    • MPSC / UPSC Exam
    • RTO Inspector Exam
    • Merchant Navy

2. LIC Agent

3. Army

    • Navy
    • Air force
    • Police Dept. Exam

4. Fine art/ Commercial art diploma

5. Art teacher Diploma

6. ITI

7. Railway Ticket Collector/ Commercial Clerk Exam

8. Diploma in Dance / Music

9. Certified Building Supervisor (1 year)

10. Diploma in Farm Management

11. Medical Laboratory Technician Certificate Course

12. Interior Design

    • Stenography
    • Private Sector Practice
    • Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing
    • Garment Technology

13. MS- CIT Course

    • Data Entry Operator

These were the path ways you can opt after you have completed your secondary level education. Nut it is better that you continue your studies and reach more higher levels.

What to do After 10th Class, After 10th You can Choose in 12th Class and its Scope

Below the paths you can choose after 10th or choose in 12th/ Intermediate are described:

1. 12thCommerce:

    • CA Foundation
    • BBA MBA
    • CS Foundation
    • BCA
    • Arch.
    • D.Ed.
    • Call center
    • B.Com.
    • MBA/ Manager/ Bussinessman
    • Bank/ Insurance/ Development Officer exam
    • L.L.B.
    • C.A.
    • B.Ed.   M.Ed.      Teacher
    • Bachelor in Library Science  Librarian
    • C.S.
    • Import Export Diploma
    • MCA    Software job
    • M.C.M. Software Job
    • MPSC/ UPSC exam/ IAS Officer
    • Computer Courses
    • Indian Military

2. 12thArts

    • B.Ed. Teacher
    • BSW
    • LLB Foundation
    • Fashion Designing Diploma
    • Interior Designing Diploma
    • BBA
    • Foreign Language Diploma
    • Call Center
    • B.Arch.
    • B.A.
    • B.P.Ed. P.T. Teacher
    • M.A.
    • Mass Communication
    • Journalism
    • LLB
    • Library science
    • MBA
    • IAS Officer
    • Diploma in Acting
    • MCA/ MCM
    • B.Ed.
    • Advertising and Commercial management diploma
    • Event Management Diploma
    • SI Exam

3. 12thScience

    • PCB
    • B.A.M.S./ M.D.
    • B.H.M.S.
    • B.V.Sc.
    • B.D.S.
    • B.B.S.
    • Paramedical Courses
    • B.Sc. Nursing
    • Diploma in Nursing
    • B.M.L.T.
    • B.Sc. Home Science
    • B.Sc. Botany/ Micro Biology/Zoology/ Chemistry Ph.D/ M. Tech
  • PCMB
    • B.Sc. in Dairy Technology     M.B.A.
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy B.A.
    • B tech in Agriculture B.A.
    • B.Sc. Bio Tech. M.B.A.
    • B.Sc. Agriculture M.B.A.
  • PCM
    • N.D.A.
    • B.Arch.
    • Bachelor OF Planning and Design
    • Technical Entry in Indian Army
    • B.Tech.
    • Direct 2nd Year Engineering Diploma
    • B.C.S. / B.C.A.
    • Films and Telivision Diploma
    • Hotel management
    • B.E.
    • I.E.S. Exam      Job in Railway
    • Merchant Navy      Marine Engineering
    • M.E.
    • Civil Services
    • Defence Jobs
    • M.S.
    • M.B.A.
    • M.Tech.

Above we have tried to cover as much as possible future scope for you and we hope you would get benefited from the presentation.

What to do After 10th: The basic thing a students would do is that he himself have to think about the future as soon as he enters the 9th standard. Focus on what you are best and what you could be best at. Everybody has a talent in him the difference is that some people are able to identify it early on in their lives and some are not able to find it so early. So make the choice of your talent not any person. The talent you consists in yourself will guide you the best better than anyone. You don’t need to go to any concealer or anywhere else. So make use of the information and make it the best and reach at the top of your work.

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