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By | October 8, 2021

RAS Mains Syllabus 2021, RAS Mains Syllabus PDF, RAS Mains Syllabus 2021, RAS Mains Exam Pattern, RAS Mains Preparation Guide, Magical Tricks for Crack RAS Mains 2021

RPSC RAS Main Syllabus 2021RAS Mains Exam Backpack: “RAS” Rajasthan Administrative Service is an exam that is always fantasied by most of the students who want to get I the govt. jobs. The post RAS itself says all about it. It is the biggest post of Rajasthan State and most respected in the state. The recruitment of RAS is done by the Public Service Commission of Rajasthan (RPSC). After IAS, the representative of the central govt. it is the RAS who occupies and controls the powers in the state. The Administration system or these administrative posts is a legacy of British rule and it was first started by them. As the post is the biggest in Rajasthan the exam is also the biggest exam in the state, no other exam can level it.

Every Year RPSC brings out new vacancies for the recruitment of the RAS officers. The RAS post is so important in itself thus the recruitment shall be done very carefully and professionally. Thus the recruitment of the candidates for the posts is done in a very professional and innovative manner in three stages

  • RAS Pre
  • RAS Mains
  • RAS Interview

The RAS Pre for the RAS Pre exam 2021 is recently conducted. The exam was optional but the experts think it was a tricky one and it can be predicted that the RAS Mains Exam will also be on this level. But you all don’t need to worry because we are here to help you out from this problem. The RAS Pre 2021 Exam was tricky and as a result, the merit was quite low for the exam. It is not that the students cannot attain good marks, the students have also scored high marks also. This time the paper was more factual but it won’t be next time. The new RPSC chairman has already announced that they will follow the IAS pattern and be ready for the analytical question papers. So you should always be ready for that and you should prepare from the starting that you can solve all the problems.

The RAS 2021 Exam which is going to be completed in 2021, consists of 725 vacancies for the recruitment. And if you want to get this exam you will have to get in these top 725 candidates. If you have cleared the Pre-exam than you are at the right stop, from now on you just have to work smart to get in the interviews.

RAS Mains 2021 Exam Date: Update Soon

RAS Mains Answer Key 2021

RAS Application Form 2021

RAS Mains Syllabus 2021, Exam pattern, Tips to crack Exam Details:

The RAS Exam, as I told above is conducted in three major steps, the

  • Pre, which is an optional paper.
  • Mains, which is a descriptive paper.
  • The interview is only to take out your actual personality and to take your thoughts.
  • You can only reach the Mains once you had cleared the Pre.
  • The RAS Mains exam is decided to be conducted in the month of Feb almost the last week is decided.

According to the stats of past years, almost 5 lakh students apply for the examination and sit for the RAS PRE and only 25000 of them are selected for the Mains and then 2500 for the interview. Thus is a process of hard work, smart work, and Luck (Labor Under Correct Knowledge).

This article will mainly focus on the RAS Mains Examination and will help you out in the examination.

RAS Mains Examination Scheme:-

The RAS exam is conducted in three stages and as such is the RAS Mains Exam is conducted in Four Stages. The RAS Mains Exam will include 4 Exams as a whole. The first three papers out of four will be based on the General Studies and the Fourth Paper will test your General Hindi and General Eng.

Each paper conducted in the examination will carry 200 marks.

The paper will be of 200 marks and you will be given a time period of 3 Hours.

RAS Mains Exam Pattern 2021

Exam Papers Subject Marks Time Period
Written Examination 1st General Studies 1 200 3 Hours
Written Examination 2nd General Studies 2 200 3 Hours
Written Examination 3rd General Studies 3 200 3 Hours
Written Examination 4th General Studies 4 200 3 Hours

RAS Mains Exam pattern as I have explained above now it’s time to show you the RAS Mains Syllabus. You should be aware of the exam syllabus.

The RAS Mains will include the following subjects in the paper

  • General English
  • General Hindi
  • Mental Ability
  • General Awareness (Current Affairs)
  • General studies

The RAS Mains Syllabus only for you:-

Syllabus for the 1st paper


  • Indian History
  • Ancient and Medieval history
  • Modern History


  • Rajasthan History
  • Rajasthan Art
  • Rajasthan Culture
  • Rajasthan Literature
  • Rajasthan tradition and Heritage
  • The economy of Rajasthan.


  • Constitution of India
  • Administration of Rajasthan


  • Indian Economy and its concepts.


  • Indian Geography
  • World Geography
  • Rajasthan Geography

RAS Mains Syllabus for paper 2nd


  • Number System
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage
  • Average
  • HCF
  • LCM
  • Square and Cube Root
  • Time-work problems
  • Time, Speed and distance-related problems
  • Interest
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Analysis of Data
  • Sampling
  • Probability
  • Linear Regression and Correlation
  • Distribution


  • Logical Reasoning
  • Statement problems
  • Analytical Reasoning


  • Science Technology
  • General Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • IT
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Dairy and Husbandry
  • Rajasthan Projects

RAS Mains Syllabus of paper 3rd

  • Administrative Management
  • Ethics
  • Values of Civil Services
  • Moral Values in Governance
  • Current Affairs
  • View on India and International
  • Global Economies and Trends
  • International Affairs
  • Sensitive Issues
  • Pressure Groups and Organizations
  • Development Programs of Rajasthan

RAS Mains Syllabus of 4th Paper

  • Grammar
  • Voices
  • Narrations
  • Tenses
  • Articles
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs and Idioms
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • One word
  • Comprehension
  • Composition
  • Witting
S.No. Release Date Exam Title Link
1 RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam Syllabus for RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (Mains) Exam – 2021 (English Version)  Download
2 RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam Syllabus for RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (Mains) Exam – 2021 (Hindi Version)  Download
3 RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam Syllabus for RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (PRE.) Exam – 2021(English Version)  Download
4 RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam Syllabus for RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. (PRE.) Exam – 2021(Hindi Version)  Download

Now for the first time ever we will provide you some important tricks and methods to crack the examination.

Tricks to Crack the RAS Mains Exam 2021

The first thing a student who is preparing for the exam of the RAS should always have a copy of the syllabus in his pocket or bag or anywhere with him. One should remember the key points of the syllabus and each and every line of the syllabus. This will make it easy for you while reading some sources. When you will read any newspaper or any article or any book you will be able to classify the content of what to read and what to ignore.

Secondly unlike other examinations here you don’t need to read too many books or too many sources. Here you just have to concentrate on any one authentic book or Notes. You would have to trust your book and your knowledge. You should try to read the book ones, twice, thrice which will develop confidence in you and the third time you will read the book you will feel that you have that factor to crack the exam.

Thirdly, the LUCK factor talked above which is “Labour Under Correct Knowledge”. Most of the students when are asked that why do you not get selected, will answer that “ I studied a lot but still can’t crack the exam”. The main reason behind this is that the students work hard but do not work hard in a particular direction. When you start your studies always prefer the authentic sources for the books.

Fourth, as the syllabus of the RAS Mains is quite widened you can’t byheart it you will have to understand the things from the basic level and micro level. When you start doing this, later on, you will automatically develop analytical thinking and reasoning will be developed in you, curiosity will help you to get the details about any incident. When you start following these tricks after few days of 10-15 days you would not need to force you to study your books will call you and you will not be able to sleep until you complete your one day portion.

Fifth, The day when you began your studies always go with a time table and manage your time between your subjects. Always be repetitive always repeat and recall what you studied yesterday. The time table will help you to give some time to the other important things as your newspaper will need you for at least 40-45 min.

Sixth, you can also join a Library for extra sources when you get confused about some topic and when you start studying you will get problems and you can solve them from the library.

Seventh, you don’t need to take yourself from the world and your phone from you. Your phone can help you also. Download some important and helping apps like NEWS HUNT, TOI, etc. and you can give half an hour to the apps also. You can use the most favorite app “Whatsapp” for your help. You can create a group of your friends who are also preparing for some exams and then discuss it with them for some time every day.

Eighth, when you turn to the Rajasthan portion you can refer to the Books published by the “Rajasthan Hindi Granth Akadmi”, the most authentic books for the Rajasthan portion. Always include a map of Rajasthan in your study the Rajasthan History this will automatically help you understand better. You can book of Writers like

 Jay Singh Neeraj

Dr. Gopinath Sharma

Dr. Brij Kishor Sharma

Ninth, When you study Geography always stud with a political map or any map. Don’t only study the facts also read the factors causing some action. This will also increase your knowledge.

Tenth, The last thing is that you should always read some Novels and autobiographies of some famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi or Adolf Hitler and many other personalities

We will help you for the History, Economics, Political portion you can refer to the

  • NCERT Class 11th and 12th Books (old books of 2005 publication or before)
  • RBSE Class 11th and 12th Books (old books of 2009 publication or before)

When it comes to Geography you should prefer NCERT books from Class 8th to 12th.

Always read the authentic books for your reference.

This was our special try for the students who are preparing for the RAS Mains 2021 Exam and hope you would like this and appreciate our efforts. So good look with your exams and hope will get benefited from the information and tricks presented in from of you.

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